Frosty: A Retrospective Christmas

Band :
Title : Frosty: A Retrospective Christmas
Release Date : November 10, 2016
Format : CD

It was a rainy Sunday in December, I was with my shamisen plucking away at what I thought would be a silly joke – Record ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’, upload it to youtube and say it was part of an upcoming Christmas Album. Did I ever intend to actually make the album? Of course not. Despite intending the recording to be a silly joke, it had become a very intense, toe-tapping shamisen arrangement. “If a Christmas album was ever made, this arrangement would be SO album-worthy”, I thought.

Two years later, that one song grew to twelve artful arrangements and became the very first shamisen-driven Christmas album – Frosty: A Retrospective Christmas. Personally, I am so delighted with the arrangements. I believe it’s because the album’s creative process began with feelings of silliness and whimsy, there was freedom to arrange these classic carols as far as my creative current took it. What’s more, I have the great privilege to be joined by eight of my favorite talented musicians (shown below) who made these classic carols even more rocking!

Hang on to your wigs and keys, this Yule Tide is gonna be a wild one!

© Kyle Abbott