As one of the few experienced Shamisen professionals in the US, Kyle brings his 15+ years of shamisen experience to the world.

From wedding anniversaries and corporate events to full concerts and festivals, Kyle performs powerful traditional Japanese classics from Northern Japan in a style called Tsugaru Shamisen. He also leads educational workshops and private lessons.

Founder of the Bachido (International Shamisen Community), Kyle pioneered the strong movement to connect shamisen enthusiasts in a positive global community and develops teaching materials for everyone to learn shamisen.

About Kyle Abbott

Since the age of 14, Kyle Abbott has passionately dedicated himself to the Japanese shamisen. From learning how to play and build the instrument, all the way to becoming a professional performer and teacher of the shamisen. With his performance and international workshops, Kyle seeks to inspire the world with the Japanese shamisen.

In 2011, Kyle founded Bachido – the world’s first international shamisen community. With a goal to bring shamisen enthusiasts together, Kyle has created online lessons, resources and a community. As of now, over 1600 members of Bachido have enjoyed hours of educational content and shared ideas with each other in the rich community forum.

Kyle also recorded in and produced two ‘Monsters of Shamisen’ albums (‘Stellar’ and ‘Resonance’), a duet album with Japanese singer-songwriter Yuzu Natsumi, and also recorded and produced his own solo albums, ‘The Cuckoo’ and ‘Frosty’. As well as shamisen, Kyle also plays shakuhachi, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments. He practices Tuvan throat singing styles as well.

About Bachido

Sensing the worldwide interest in shamisen growing, Kyle realized there would be a need to connect shamisen enthusiasts together and create an accessible path to learning this instrument. In 2011, he founded Bachido – the world’s first international shamisen community.

With a goal to bring shamisen enthusiasts together, Kyle and fellow instructors have created hours of online lessons, (including a Free Crash Course), resources and a community. As of now, over 1700 members of Bachido have enjoyed hours of educational content, shared ideas with each other in the positive-spirited forum, and reaching towards Kyle’s ultimate goal – meeting up to play shamisen together as a real-life community!

Every year since the founding of Bachido, Kyle strives to make new and creative ways to continue making shamisen fun and exciting for people. It has gone farther than he ever expected.

Highlights of Bachido

Produced a free Shamisen Crash Course
Started a weekly shamisen video blog (Bachido Blogcast)
Produced 10+ in-depth shamisen video courses
Brought Bachido members together to compete in Japan (Team Bachido)
Team Bachido returned to Japan and won first place.
Started monthly shamisen workshops in California.
Started the Bachido Schoolhouse – Weekly shamisen video lessons with Aki Takahashi, Kevin Kmetz, Mike Penny and Kyle.
Founded ShamiCamp, the international shamisen workshop series.
Brought ShamiCamp to California and Berlin.
Released revolutionary new models of Shamisen (Eclipse and Sakura)

Public LIVE shamisen lessons (In development)

Hosted ShamiCamp in Tokyo
Released brand new model of Shamisen (Akatsuki)
Began ‘Shamisen Live!’ instructional live streams
Started building 6th homemade Shamisen

Hosted Tataki (shamisen & taiko workshop) in California
Released brand new synthetic skin (Hibiki)
Started building 8th homemade Shamisen
Released duet album with Yuzu Natsumi

Hosted ShamiCamp in Sapporo
Released brand new shamisen model (Raven)
Competed at Hirosaki Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament
(Won Special Judges Award in Top A Class)





Japantown Immersive
Public Shamisen Workshops
San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival
Main stage with Joel Mankey and Arthur Mok


JapanFest 2018
w/ Mike Penny
Japantown Immersive
Portland Japanese Gardens
Obon performance with Takohachi

Yerba Buena
w/ Maikaze Taiko
World Percussion Festival
Hosted by Bruce Mui Ghent in SF
Inaugural Shamisen & Taiko Workshop 
Regional Taiko Gathering
Taught shamisen workshop
Lunar New Year Celebration
With Kenny Endo, Anju Madoka


SF Ethnic Dance Festival
With Awakko Ren
J-Pop Summit
With Awakko Ren
Yerba Buena Garden Festival
With Mike Penny
Japan Festival (Orlando)
With Mike Penny
JapanFest Atlanta
With Mike Penny
Hibiki Concert
With Mike Penny, Ronin Taiko, Junko Fujimoto, and more
Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival
With Awakko Ren, Maikaze Taiko
Sonic Runway
With San Jose Taiko



With Mike Penny
John Kaizan Neptune & Friends
Benefit Concert for Japanese Culture Festival
ShamiCamp: California 
International Shamisen Workshop
All-Star Shamisen Experience
with ShamiCamp: California instructors


Icharibe Chodé
Produced by Ronin Taiko
Japanese Heritage Night at AT&T Park
With Awakko-Ren
Moon Blossom Festival
With belly dancer Sawako Ama
An Evening of Japanese Fusion
With Reigen Fujii, and other artists
San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival
With Reigen Fujii
Reference work for ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’
LAIKA studios


All-Souls Procession
With Ten Ten
Japan Expo
With Ten Ten
Kon Jo
Produced by Ronin Taiko
Ten Ten Concert (Toronto, Canada)
with Ten Ten
Shamisen Workshops (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa)
With Ten Ten
Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
With Ensohza
San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival
With Ten Ten, Ensohza
Yume Gardens of Tucson
With Ten Ten


Kon Jo
Produced by Ronin Taiko
Mendocino Folk Festival
With Ensohza
Old First Concert
With Masahiro Nitta, Murasaki Ensemble)



Hirosaki Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament (2019)
Top A class division, received Judge’s Special Award
Yuzu Natsumi & Kyle Abbott Duet Concert
at Shibuya Rott
World Drum & Dance Festival
w/ Tansen Shrivastava, Matej Kolenic, and others
ShamiCamp: Sapporo (2019)
Workshop series founded by Kyle

ShamiCamp: Tokyo (2015 & 2017)

Wa Festa 
w/ Kiju Kitamura. Hosted by Takarabune
Bachido Concert
ft. Yutaka Oyama, Masahiro Nitta, Reigen Fujii, Kevin Kmetz, Kyle Abbott
Chitoshan Live
With Monsters of Shamisen
Sapporo Music Festival
With Monsters of Shamisen
Hirosaki World Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament
Team Bachido 2014
Hirosaki National Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament
Team Bachido 2013
Kouji Gakki House Concert
With Monsters of Shamisen
Hirosaki National Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament
Solo Competition 2010
Kanagi National Tsugaru Shamisen Tournament
Solo Competition 2010



ShamiCamp: Berlin
International Shamisen Workshop
Shamisen Showcase Concert
With Monsters of Shamisen, Shamisen Berlin e.V and Hibiki Ichikawa

Solo Albums



One of Kyle’s main goals is helping people discover just how fun the shamisen is. Kyle leads a local group shamisen class in California, and has led many shamisen workshops in the US.

In 2015, Kyle founded ShamiCamp, the world’s first international shamisen workshop series which brings together top shamisen instructors to share their skills and inspire shamisen enthusiasts from around the world.

Kyle teaches private lessons, group lessons/workshops, and on Skype.

Get in Touch

Performance/lesson inquiries and general questions welcome!